Press Release - Launch of Content Readiness Institute

Jake Hamann
Founder & CEO
Content Readiness Institute

Serial Entrepreneur Launches New Venture Aimed at Helping B2B Enterprises with Emerging Technology  

PEORIA, IL (1/30/19) — Jake Hamann, former Founder & CEO of ONEFIRE and Co-Founder of Startup Peoria (now Startup GP) has launched a new company called the Content Readiness Institute.

“Over the course of my career through extensive work with various enterprise clients, I have encountered a growing challenge faced by countless business leaders looking to adopt emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). While hardware and software in this space continues to advance and evolve rapidly, one of the most often overlooked, yet pivotal aspects to wide-scale adoption and implementation of immersive technology is the availability of content that is ready to be ingested and delivered to the end-user in a consistent manner,” says Hamann.

Leading emerging technology promoter, BrainXchange, believes the Content Readiness Institute plays a crucial role in shaping the future of AR, VR, MR in the enterprise. Zach Bloomgarden, Program Curator for BrainXchange says:

“The timing for the introduction of the Content Readiness Institute couldn’t be more aligned with what is happening in our industry. Adoption of AR, VR, and MR initiatives seem to be hitting a roadblock, and the answer typically revolves around content. Jake has hit the nail on the head when it comes to the approach he is taking to solve this massive problem.”

The Content Readiness Institute offers an initial “Content Readiness Assessment” to potential clients by collecting samples of existing materials, scoring them based on specific criteria and then providing a detailed content readiness score and plan of action to help a business become more “content ready.” From there, CRI offers both consulting and production services to clients; helping them solve end-to-end challenges with the implementation of sustainable AR, VR and MR initiatives.

Consulting Services Include: Process & Standards Development, Change Management, Tools & Storage, Organization / Metadata / Governance

Production Services Include: CAD to CGI Conversion, Graphics / Iconography, Photography, Videography, Technical Writing

In addition, Hamann is already in discussions with industry-leading software and hardware providers as well as enterprise representatives to help lead the co-development of standards for the AR/VR/MR industry called the CRI Design System.

Ultimately, the aim of the Content Readiness Institute is to grow into a global service firm targeting various industries such as; automotive, aviation, construction, defense, energy, government, healthcare, machinery, manufacturing, oil & gas.

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