What Is Mixed Reality And What Does It Mean for Enterprise?

People are often confused by the term mixed reality (MR), but it is important to understand it. Why? Because it’s the Future of Humanity.

Mixed reality is a significant advancement of augmented reality (AR) – the technology behind 2016’s Pokémon GO phenomenon. In a “hybrid” environment, interactive virtual objects can be mapped to the physical environment, blending the real and the virtual.

Mixed reality is revolutionizing how we view and interact with the world.

Whilst the core premise of both AR and MR is similar, the crucial difference is the underlying technology. Mixed Reality is (for the moment, at least) headset-based, whereas AR is viewed through a flat-screen such as a smartphone or tablet. MR is also aware of the geometry of the environment around you – using it as the canvas for you to create immersive content that is defined by the space you are in.

Jake Hamann