Start With Why?

Our goal is to establish a robust group of well-respected XR and content practitioners that subscribe to the model of “giving before you get” and to moving the entire industry forward in a positive direction.

We believe you have a unique opportunity to share the valuable insights and experiences acquired during your career in the world of emerging technology with a global audience of engaged companies and users.

Our Goal

Our goal is to support the ongoing design, development and proliferation of XR standards across the areas of Experience, Interface and Content to enterprise leaders and teams focused on delivering world-class solutions to their employees and customers.

We strive to obtain global input and perspectives for a wide range of XR topics, as well as use case-specific subject matter expertise across various industries.

Time Commitment

We understand that your time is valuable, so our ask of you is minimal:

  • One 1-hour session per month (conducted via video conference);

  • 30 minutes of post-session “homework” on a selected committee;

  • 1 blog post per year on a XR content topic of your choice;

  • Annual in-person working session at centralized location (TBD).


Contributor Application

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