Step 1:
Upload Sample Content: PDF’s, Graphics, Videos, Etc.

Step 3: We Review and Grade Your Content Readiness


Step 2:
Answer a Few Brief Questions About Your Uploads


Step 4: We Provide a Plan of Action for Achieving Content Readiness


Assessment Criteria

The Content Readiness™ Assessment is comprised and graded across three criteria:
Experience, Interface, Content.

Experience - Understanding the “why” behind your content is an important first step in determining its readiness. Knowing the end goal of your content efforts is critical in determining not only how effective content is in its current state, but what improvements can be made to help reach your desired outcome.

Sample Criteria:

  • Through what channel(s) is content delivered?

  • Who is the target audience?

  • How is the content structured?

  • How frequently are updates made?

  • Who maintains governance / version control?

Interface - Interaction between content and your end user is another key attribute that determines content readiness. Making information easy to access, navigate and easy to read through an intuitive interface contributes to a more enjoyable and effective experience. 

Sample Criteria:

  • Are human-centered methodologies carried throughout the interaction experience based on delivery method?

  • How easy is it to navigate through and within content?

  • Are interface elements consistent and aesthetically pleasing?

Content - The various attributes of written, visual and animated content are the most critical in assessing an overall readiness effort. As a cornerstone for any successful and scalable implementation, purposeful and properly formatted content provide the linchpin for moving beyond proof-of-concept to production of new, immersive experiences.

Sample Criteria:

  • Are visuals, animations or written content the most appropriate for conveying the information at hand?

  • How easily translatable and transferrable is written content across form factors?

  • Are graphics, icons, visuals aligned with industry standards and easily editable and portable between experiences?